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No More Hiding The Afro

For many years, afro hair has been seen as something less beautiful, shouty, unprofessional, leaving many people feeling insecure about showing their beautiful curls.

The effect of this meant that many people had to hide their God-given beautiful curls under a wig. In fact, the notion is that lace wigs are more beautiful than the natural afro hair. Surely, this does not make sense! Have you let your hair out to see the beautiful curl patterns that you have?

The moment I started embracing my fro, my perspective changed. I began to notice and appreciate the beauty of my curls. - @JessicaMaeObioha

The sad truth is that we have influenced the younger generation in thinking that wearing a wig is better and more beautiful their own curly hair. As the younger generation grow and become responsible, they transition from keeping their hair natural to hiding it under a lace wig. Our actions and indirect idea of beauty influences them.

Another sad fact to bring to your attention is the issue of racism. Without a doubt this still exist. However, we can truly inspire a change in our world and generation by first embracing how God has made us, the house He placed us in (our different skin colour) and the features that come with it (our natural hair etc). Don't get me wrong, there are aspect to racism that is beyond anything we do. Although, we can make an impact starting within ourselves.

God did not make any mistake in creating you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made (see Psalm 139).

Yes, there is a place for protective styling and there is a place for wearing a lace wig should you wish to, after all, your crown, your style. However, Afro Queens, let us join our voices together in influencing the next generation to embrace, showcase and celebrate their God-given hair by wearing our OWN natural hair more often than not.

#NoMoreHiding #EmbraceYourCrown #EmbraceYourFro #EmbraceShowcaseCelebrate

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